Posted: July 22nd, 2022

Sustainable development assignment 1


Hi, the questions that you need to answer will be on the attachment named Sustainable development assignment 1 resit question.

Essential reading for topic 4 will get attached however the essential reading for topic 3 will be on kindle. The book title is called an introduction to sustainable development and you only need chapters 9 & 10.

Kindle log in details:
Please contact Support Team for Login details.

Qu) Cri$cally reflect on the relevance of concepts and theories of Sustainable Development to your prac$ces of Sustainable Development.
Both elements of the above ques1on must be in evidence for your resubmission to achieve a pass grade; namely:
A. A [where appropriate, amended1] cri1cal discussion of the concepts and theories of Sus- tainable Development in the Assessment Resources Folders on MyBeckeI for TWO of the following module topics:
1. A Future We Choose
2. Solu1ons vs. Problems
3. Spending, Markets & The Paradox of Growth
4. Environmental, Ecological and Green Economics
B. And[whereappropriate,amended2]reflec1veapproachwhichcri1callyanalysesand documents your prac1ces of Sustainable Development in rela1on to these concepts and theories.

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