Posted: July 21st, 2022

Test Development

Assessment Methods and Test Development

ssume you are presenting a 1-2 hour class/lecture on a topic of your choice to be given
to a group of nurses or senior level nursing students.  The topic must be related to nursing care. In an opening
paragraph, provide a description of the content to be covered. Write 3 learning objectives reflecting Blooms
taxonomy at the “applying” level or above based on what you want the students to know/be able to do at the
end of the class session (number them 1-3).  Select your verbs carefully.  Be sure you are writing application
oriented questions or above.
Write 3 multiple-choice questions, 2 multiple answer/select questions, and one short essay question that
measure these objectives.  Number them 1-6.  These should be questions that you write yourself, not questions
you find somewhere. Use your textbooks and/or other sources to learn best practices for test writing. Highlight
the answers (you do not have to answer the essay question).

Complete the test blueprint (see next page) and include it in your paper. When finished, provide a paragraph or
two analyzing your questions.  For example, do the questions reflect Blooms taxonomy, NCLEX categories,
stages of the nursing process, and QSEN competencies? Is anything missing?
Write a concluding paragraph about your test writing experience.

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