this is an on going project. This is the 1st draft of the introduction to the final paper. This is a psych research methods class. attached will be the instructions, examples, lecture notes, rubric, and all materials completed toward the research so far. this is going toward the final paper of a reseach project. The reseach question is ..Does Social media cause stress ? formulate a draft of the introduction based from annotated data, research proposal & IRB(is the most accurate info of what the research will be), use sources in the annotated. must be APA. I am giving you to pages of space. MUST CITE!!!!! list resources at bottom of doc. I will create the bibliography. THIS IS AN INTRODUCTION FOR A RESEARCH PAPER.
be sure to utilize IRB info and the research purpose. also including the STAI method that will be used for the research for you to reference. sources are included on annotated, they have been provided for you. you will use at least 6.