MSc Safety and Risk Management

 Research Proposal


Issue brief for research proposal:

Over the last 10 years, the annual statistics on lost time injuries in various sectors of petroleum development Oman (PDO) indicate that the highest rate occurs within commuting sector and is directly attributable to human factors. Why do you think this is? What motivation factors may influence safety behaviours of staff in this organisation that contribute to fatal injuries at workplace?

Petroleum development Oman (PDO) has issued HSE guidance on various aspects. Look at this guidance and discuss whether you think that it addresses the psychological motivators you have identified.


Country of research: Sultanate of Oman

Region of study/Company: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

Website: Home (


You should prepare a Research Proposal with an approximate length of 2000 words (+/- 15%). The research proposal should be in relation to the topic that you plan to complete for your MSc dissertation. You may need to re-visit the guide documents: G1 – A Guide to Writing Aim and Objectives, and Structuring Coursework and; G2 – MSc. A Guide to Writing a Research Dissertation.


The following framework must be used to structure the Research Proposal:

– Title

– Introduction

– Literature review

– Proposed research methodology

– Conclusion

– References

– Bibliography (if required)



  1. Title

The title should accurately reflect the contents and context of the research proposal. The exact wording of the title should give you and the reader a broad focus for the dissertation.







  1. Introduction

In this section, you should provide a summary (approx. 500 words) on what your proposed research is.

Organisational background

It should begin with a brief background to the organisation and how this relates to the study.


You should expand on your title to outline what question you want to address, consider or answer – what is the primary issue? You should also detail why this matters, why do you think it is worth investigating? For example, how will your proposed research add to knowledge in your chosen area? Why will the proposed dissertation be of interest and value to academics and practitioners? Does your research intend to fill a gap in existing literature, add to existing literature or conflict with existing literature? What do you hope to achieve through your research? Whilst your personal motivation is relevant and can be noted, it is important that you outline the empirical evidence to support these answers. The proposal should be written in the 3rd person throughout.

Aim and Objectives

The introduction should also clearly outline your aim and corresponding objectives for the proposed dissertation. Your aim should set out in broad terms what you hope to achieve through your dissertation (It must be related to the research topic and encompass the whole Dissertation). Your objectives then need to be specific and detail the actions that you will take to achieve your aim. There must be 5 to 7 objectives for the dissertation.


  1. Literature Review

This section should indicate to the reader what is already known about your research subject. It should be approximately 1,000 words in length and will be the main component of your research proposal. You need to demonstrate to the reader that you are familiar with existing knowledge in your subject area. You should detail how your proposed research will link with the existing literature. This will will require you to identify relevant literature, and key concepts within that can then be synthesised to provide you with conclusions. To help structure your literature review, you could use your objectives as sub-headings. This section should include extensive citation with critical evaluation and discussion of the identified content.


  1. Proposed research methodology

This section should provide a summary of what research methodology you intend to use. Consider how you will collect data and how you will analyse it. For example, do you envisage using a qualitative, quantitative or mixed method approach? How will this be applied in the research and what is the anticipated timescale? Importantly, consider if your intended approach aligns with your overall aim for your research. One of your objectives should relate to your methodology. You should also provide relevant citation to support the methodological choices being made.





  1. Conclusion

Students should provide a summary paragraph restating how the findings from the Literature Review apply to the organisational issue to be studied, and how the methodology to be adopted will help meet the research Aim and Objectives.


  1. Bibliography / References

Strathclyde Harvard referencing should be used. Your research proposal is expected to encompass appropriate and sufficient citation.


Note: Please use the uploaded specific university guide for referencing.