Posted: July 20th, 2022

Developmental Economics: Solow Model

Assessment Instructions
Essay question: Explain the central paradox at the heart of the Solow model with exogenous
technology. Given this paradox, why Is the Solow model still relevant?
– Answer the above question
– The lecture slides that I’ve uploaded MUST be referred to as all key information is found there
– Must include Todaro and Smith references, specifically chapters 2-4. Refer to uploaded file
titled Todaro and Smith
– Additional to this, 8-10 external references must be used and must be cited in-text. Use APA
– Economic graphs and/or calculations should be used in the discussion. If using calculations or
graphs only use calculations mentioned in the uploaded lecture slides
– Please keep the introduction brief and to the point. Focus should be on the body paragraphs
– The essay should have a clear structure, e.g. Intro, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion
– Avoid waffle, please be clear, succinct and straight to the point
Marking Rubric

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