Posted: July 19th, 2022

Presure Ulcer (PU)

Presure Ulcer (PU)

About the project background

Ulcers studied in the health care stage are in good condition and of good quality of health services. This project was determined in accordance with the reduction of the percentage of ulcers that was created by developing an action plan in line with the laws and follow-up of the university, and linking reports and the good performance of the percentage of improvement for this project.

Project objectives and project strategic impact

Improvement, standardization, and protocol for image ulcers

Formation of nursing teams for ulcers in all regions

Spreading cultural awareness among nursing

enhance competition

Preparing workshops for ulcers and the foundations of nursing care

The functional structure of the project

The planned start date of the project

is January 1, 2019 AD

Project end date January 1, 2020 AD

        Project Approach

An initial assessment through which information is collected and reviewed, the protocol and policy for the care of patients at risk of developing bed sores are implemented, the field of training and education in pressure sore care skills is strengthened, and the results of the pressure sore index are supervised monthly and followed up on a monthly basis.

 Project Scope     

The project covers all hospitals with a bed capacity of more than 300 beds and long-term care hospitals – including all inpatient and intensive care departments. The project includes:

1- Follow-up adherence to the pressure injuries protocol, by measuring compliance within the standards of the project advisory committee on a monthly basis, and following up the indicator for the occurrence of ulcers on a monthly basis.

2- Preparing training courses and workshops to train trainees

3- Establishing pressure injury care teams in each hospital and establishing communication regarding the unification of the policies followed and the indications of the indicator and adherence to the protocol


Acceptance criteria and quality of project outputs.

Raising the award for the best environment free of pressure sores to His Excellency the Minister for approval.

Acceptance Criteria: Approval by His Excellency the Minister of the award

Organizing workshops to develop ulcer and wound care skills and train nursing in the targeted hospitals

Acceptance criteria: Preparing training programs for pressure injuries

Risks Management Plan

Unavailability of air beds in some hospitals

Field Visits September High Importance Supporting hospital administrations to provide air beds and make them a priority

The lack of specialized nursing in the training of nursing in the care of wounds and bed sores High-importance training courses The use of competencies and their recruitment from inside and outside the ministry

2 Extent of which Project Objectives Achieved

1-Clinical pressure ulcer policies and protocols have been improved, standardized, and disseminated to the regions.

2-Ulcers nursing teams were formed in all 20 regions.

3- awareness campaigns were implemented to spread cultural awareness among the nursing staff, and the award for the best ulcer care environment was raised to the Director of the Nursing Department for approval by His Excellency the Minister to promote competition for the best performance record for preventing clinical ulcers.

4-Workshops were prepared for clinical ulcers and the foundations of nursing care, with a number of 108 trainees, and 83 trainees had completed the TOT course.


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